Rhino for OSX RAM usage


I’m using the newest version of Rhino for mac (2014-06-23).
In comparison to the windows version the mac version uses a lot of RAM.
For example: a imported dwg file with a draft as a background bitmap it’s using up 7,73 GB RAM.
The 3dm file itself is 1.8 MB.
This issue is not happening when I use the windows version. The newest one with windows 7.
Has anyone else experienced that issue?


Wow, that doesn’t sound right… Is that with any file or just this one?


unfortunately it happens, as far as I can tell to all my files. Kill my machine (Mac Pro 2011, 12GB RAM) or at least the work flow……:frowning:

Is this happening with any file, like a blank template file, or just files you have created?

If this is just for files you have created, we’ll need a copy of your model to duplicate what you are seeing.

Also, how are you determining the amount of RAM Rhino is using?


sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling a program does the job. :wink:
Just did that, and so far everything looks fine, even opening a file with about 100MB doesn’t use now that much of the RAM.