Rhino for Metaverse

i just wanted to show off my recent creation.
It was a new high school system 2 weeks ago, and now there are 6 schools starts this spring, and increasing!!
the fully-functional VR School modeled with Rhino, exported as GLB, and for Mozilla Hubs.

Interesting. Perhaps you can show some screenshots of shaded view of your model?

Also it would be interesting to know the polycount of your school model.

Thanks for your interest!!
Indeed the polycount and the rendering quality is the key.

Quickly made a public version of a few rooms.

Hubs shows the warning when the total polycount exceeds 50,000 triangles, so we try not to go beyond that.
And file size of all the loaded content is about 13 mb at the moment.
And there’s only one light source.

And Hubs also adjusts the rendering quality based on the viewer’s device.
We are making a conscious choice not to bake any texture at the moment.
But we might try making the space smaller and bake all the texture for the better look.

I am curious to hear what you all think!