Rhino for Mac Wenatchee 5 DOESN'T WORK

I use Rhino for Mac everyday. I had to download the new version ‘Wenatchee 5.0’ this morning and I feel lost: nothing works normally.
When I need to enter measurements and numbers, there is no window popping up as before. I have the feeling there is no way to be precise on that version of Rhino. How do you enter measurements or tick commands on that new program?
For instance, I want to build a cube of 40/ 40/ 40… it used to be easy… it is now IMPOSSIBLE.
Could we come back to the previous version, that was working perfect?
Or maybe help me to use this new version???




The command entry box has moved to the upper left area of the screen. If you start typing it should start auto-completing.
If you don’t see it, click on the left-most button that looks like this [ | ] and has blue in it. This will hide/show the command entry box. But, if you start typing it should appear if it was hidden.

Also, there is a problem with command options when running 10.8.5. Are you running 10.8.5? See this thread for a workaround.