Rhino for Mac Wenatchee 5 Build 2013-10-28

There is a new Mac Work In Progress (WIP) build available, Wenatchee 2013-10-28.

This Mac release includes all applicable updates and fixes from the first release candidate for Rhino for Windows V5.6 (SR6 RC 1).

This Mac WIP release also includes these Mac-specific changes:

  • Fixes:
    • OS X Mavericks has a bug that crashes Rhino when using anti-aliasing and running Drape or Zoom Window. These commands are disabled on OS X Mavericks when anti-aliasing is enabled.
    • A Crash in section views has been fixed.
    • Other crashes have been fixed.

Requires OS X Lion (10.7) or later.

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Are the Toucan materials missing from this release? I’m struggling to find them! Any suggestions?

Yes, missing on Mavericks (10.9) only, as far as I know.


How do I get it back? Need it urgently…



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Please see ‘Toucan Library Missing’ for a temporary solution that worked for me.

Rhino seems to get the vertical axis wrong in the new build. When trying to make a solid cylinder or tube in perspective view it always wants to set the base plane for the extrusion vertically where it would be horizontal normally, so the extrusion goes from right to left instead of bottom to top.

Same sort of thing happens when trying to move an object vertically in perspective view. With ‘Vertical’ checked on it will only move horizontally.

Origin symbol in the bottom left seems to get the axis right though.

Hello- can you see the grid in this view? Is it oriented to the World XY plane? What happens if you run

_CPlane World Top

and then try Cylinder etc.?


_CPlane World Top did the trick, how come it was changed? Did I press a wrong button by accident or is it a bug in the software?