Rhino for Mac Release Candidate 1

I’ve tried downloading Rhino 3D for Mac but the Link is not working. Any other suggestions where I could download it from?





enter your email address at that page and a link/trial-license will be sent to you.

I have the same problem as Casey… tried the link and it won’t work :frowning:

hmm… i don’t know then… that link takes me here:

maybe @brian has an idea about the problem you guys are having?

I tried that but I get a server error after entering my email address.

Same here…

Sorry, one of our servers was down. They should be working again now, though. Please try downloading again.

Slightly off topic but @brian, would the server outage have affected validations (Windows) as well? I have a client who was not able to do so this afternoon…

Thanks, --Mitch

done! thanks @brian

Yes, it would have affected validations, registration, downloads, the training and resources pages, and probably more.

Brian Gillespie