Rhino for Mac Release Candidate 1

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Will there be some sort of student pricing available for us college students still learning?

is paneling tools available for this release? I don’t see a menu for it like on the windows version, and the usual “pt” commands don’t seem to be available either.

It has been removed from the RC releases, but is still in the WIP releases.

You have to use the pt commands, no icons

Please see Rhino for Mac - Removed Features


It’s been a couple weeks or three. Is there pricing information available yet? Just price info would help start an approval process in the workplace.

No, there has been no pricing announcement yet. If you need to get the approval process started, request funding for Rhino for Windows pricing. Rhino for Mac will not cost more than Rhino for Windows.

I own the WIN License, I registered to buy the MAC license.
Now after working for 3 hours Rhino tells me I can’t save because it has expired.
Could you at least warn the people with a popup when you open the programm that it wont be able to save.

Which version are you using, the WIP or the RC2? --Mitch

WIP, tried to enter the Evaluation license key I requested which wasn’t accepted.
Ended up to close the file and install the evaluation (RC2?)
Thanks for trying to help though!

I’ve tried downloading Rhino 3D for Mac but the Link is not working. Any other suggestions where I could download it from?





enter your email address at that page and a link/trial-license will be sent to you.

I have the same problem as Casey… tried the link and it won’t work :frowning:

hmm… i don’t know then… that link takes me here:

maybe @brian has an idea about the problem you guys are having?

I tried that but I get a server error after entering my email address.

Same here…

Sorry, one of our servers was down. They should be working again now, though. Please try downloading again.

Slightly off topic but @brian, would the server outage have affected validations (Windows) as well? I have a client who was not able to do so this afternoon…

Thanks, --Mitch