Rhino for Mac plugin Limitations?

Quick question, I’d like to test my plugin in Rhino for Mac but I HATE working on a mac, so I’m not keen to buy rhino for mac just to test this.

Does the trial version stop running plugins when its trial expires?

It does indeed stop loading plugins. The trial period lasts 90 days. Is that a sufficient amount of time for testing?

Hi Dan, I hope so.

We have 12 designers and 6 cad guys with plans to expand that by factor 2X this year, and then more moving forward, and the designers are grumbling about working on macs… (designers… sigh).

currently none of our existing plugins work in osx rhino as far as I an tell so im holding off buying for them, the routines im writing are only gap stoppers for the holes in our current plugins anyhow, but it would be nice to give our barebones guys (rhino only designers) the ability to transitions over with some additional tools, even if only to get them off my ass.

Hi Christopher-

Hopefully, you have already found the RhinoCommon developer guides…these should come in handy when you make the leap to macOS.


Thank you, yes.