Rhino for Mac GUI

I envy RhinoMac gui. :rage:


that’s not the default UI but yeah, I’m hyped you can set it up the way I have it.

(this is actually the way the original Rhino for Mac betas worked by default… just prior to official release, McNeel added the left sidebar ‘command line’ and Osnap panel… I suppose the default way now is more welcoming to a new user but as an every day poweruser, I prefer the way I have it set up)

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I am no new user, but I find lack of this UI in Rhino for Windows a big disadvantage.

no you dont. :wink: stay honest.

I am always honest. I don’t envy the Mac, just the UI of Rhino for Mac.

What is there to be envious about? It’s almost as b̶a̶d̶ outdated as Win. XD

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I really don’t care about the age of the gui as long as there’s a gui. I fully understand the reason why command-line-type-a-menu is a good thing. (better performance and all). But I prefer having the window open with [kbd]Apply[/kbd] or [kbd]Preview[/kbd] button, instead of clicking on some text to change a value.

I wonder what you find so great about it? Is it the single docked toolbar? Is it the osnap panel that takes up lots of real estate? The invisible tools when in full screen mode?

I would like to have the option to have it displayed or not so people who doesn’t like it - don’t use it. I will use it.

Someone should split this thread as we’ve switched to another “issue” :wink:


I bet you will use it for a few minutes. Then the constantly changing size of the popupwindow will start to annoy the hell out of you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

was think that too


Hmmm. Well, I know nothing of its issues. May be it is due to MacOS and in windows it will look better.

i think that’s better than making it always as big as the biggest dialog… to me, that would be annoying… a big, mostly empty pop up window

edit— but we might have the UI set up differently… maybe i’m talking about different pop ups… i’m talking about the command line pop ups which i have hidden otherwise

(i never have any of the left side bar showing)