Rhino for Mac + Grasshopper

When will grasshopper plugin be available to use on rhino mac? I’m planning to buy a mac but i want to use rhinoceros without having to wait some time. Otherwise i will go on with dell m6800 or m4800…


In short, no time soon… more details here Rhino OSX in combination with Grasshopper

fwiw, you can get the mac and use bootcamp to run proper windows/grasshopper… meanwhile having the ability to use mac rhino as well.

Come on jeff, rather than that one can easily get a dell m4800 instead of a macbook pro and hit all the time with windows by using the advantage of a k2100 quadro and its precious cuda cores. :’(

well, i only said that because you said you were planning to buy a mac but wanted grasshopper…
so i was just pointing out you can run proper grasshopper on a mac…

re: cuda… for all intents/purposes, it’s dead on mac… i know there are still some nvidia cards in some of their machines but their new flagship doesn’t support nvidia/cuda at all… (and actually- apple as a whole has never supported cuda)… i think apple has made a clear statement to devs with that move… “if you want to use gpgpu on mac - use openCL”

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Ok thanks, after seeing dell it seems that i forgot about grasshopper and started to think about render times with gpus. Any way these info, you gave are super cool for me. How about the openCL rendering in mac? I goggled a little bit but could not find out much. In you tube gpu rendering with openCL in mac simply does not exist. I could not find a program for mac which renders with openCL too, even if i see that some programs are able to use opencl and cuda, no one has mentioned firepro openCL render efficiency with mac hardware. Can you shed some light on this matter too ?

Ps: http://help.chaosgroup.com/vray/help/rt100/render_gpu.htm For example here, i see that no one tried openCL render with vray mac.

Whouv, it seems that i’m going out of the boundaries of this thread.

i use indigo which uses openCL or cuda


it’s only ‘gpu accelerated’ right now so the gpu is basically only assisting the cpu… the cpu still maxes out a lot sooner than the gpu so high dollar cards aren’t going to be fully utilized by it.

i asked the head developer about the new mac pro & indigo a few months ago:

[quote=I] what type of performance can we expect using the current version of indigo with the new mac pro’s dual gpus? for indigo alone, would it be worth buying the (amd) d700s over the d300s?

then down the road a bit, is it unreasonable to expect the program to be able to utilize more of the gpu’s potential power beyond the current gpgpu implementation?

thanks for any insight.[/quote]

[quote=then he]Hi Jeff,
Currently I think the D300s should be fine.
But in the future (somewhat near future if you want to use Indigo betas), theD700s could provide a major boost in rendering power.[/quote]

take that for what it’s worth… i basically see gpu rendering as still being in its infancy and hopefully in another year or two, this conversation will be a lot sweeter :smile:

(but i have decided to get the d700s instead of d300s)

Please see this category, if you have not already.