Rhino for mac evaluation v6 --> v5 possible?

Next week I will start another trimester with 50 students, and most of them will be using Rhino for the first time. Since Rhino 6 is recently released, I expect that some will want to try if it runs on their macbook (about 80% of students uses a macbook rather than windows laptop) but I expect that only a few of them will have a macbook powerful enough to run Rhino 6. Question is, if it doesn’t run well, can they switch over to rhino Mac v5 evaluation? This is important, otherwise they won’t be able to finish the Rhino course.

Hi Gijs,
Does the school where you are teaching have any lab licenses? One solution (not a free one though) would be to get 2 30-user lab licenses of V6; with those I think you might be able to get 2 free “legacy” V5/Mac lab licenses (have to ask McNeel about that), install them in the cloud zoo team account and add all the students to the team. That way they could use any combination of Windows V6, Mac V6 or Mac V5…

Just an idea anyway - I don’t think there are V5 Mac eval licenses anymore…

WHAT? no, that’s a disaster!

Well, I see this:

No V5 listed under eval, there is however the “full version” below. However, IIRC, the eval version needed a license key which was sent automatically by e-mail. With the full version download, you don’t get one.

If you go to the V5 download page and click the “evaluate” link, it leads back to the V6 eval license download page

I think this is a very unwise decision. Many macbooks won’t be able to run v6. There should be a transition period IMO. Well let’s see if your other suggested route is going to work. Damn, this will cost me a lot of extra work I’m afraid.

@carlosperez - any better way to deal with this?

I’m not sure if they have 2 lab licenses, I think they do have 1 at least, but need to ask. Question then is, after a trimester, can one ‘throw out’ people from accessing these licenses?

Yes - that is the advantage. You create a team, and invite the students as members. Once they are in the team, they can access the lab license. When the semester is over, you simply remove them from the team.

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Bumping this issue @carlosperez
New trimester is starting this week and I still don’t have a good solution for this. If at least the v5 evaluation can be enabled for the first trimester I have time to work out a permanent solution.


Hi Gijs,

Your students can:

If your school owns a Rhino 6 Lab license, you can give students access to it through the Cloud Zoo, see https://www.rhino3d.com/6/new/licensing-and-administration

Let us know if you have any additional questions.


  • Carlos

BTW, Rhino 6 works on Windows and Mac.

Re-reading again the thread, how many of your students using a Mac cannot install High Sierra or higher?

He wants Rhino 5 as a backstop, he’s worried that Rhino 6 won’t run on weaker MacBooks… even if it can be installed. I can understand his worry, the worst thing is to start a class only to find out that a sizeable percentage of students have difficulty running the program. (and considering some of the posted problems that have been put up here on Discourse since V6/Mac was released)

Thing is, I don’t yet know. I’ve sent out an email to the new students last week and so far only got response from 1 who cannot install v6. But if I take last year as an example I suspect that about 10-20 out of 50 won’t be able to run Rhino 6 or at least will have trouble running it well. On the other hand, some students were able to run Rhino 5 on their MacBook Air 11” successfully last year.

Indeed… time is limited and I am afraid I will have to spend my time on solving issues rather that teaching Rhino. Even on my relatively new MacBook Pro 2016 (Radeon 450 Pro) V6 is not particularly fun to use.

Gijs, I’m sending to you a V5 Mac Eval download link.

BTW, if there are 50 students, they can buy Rhino 6 Edu at €95 + VAT (check www.rhino3d.com/schoolkit). Then with their license, they can get a legacy V5 Mac: https://www.rhino3d.com/access-rhino-5/mac


thanks @carlosperez, this is greatly appreciated. I will try to work out a solution with the school, but it will take some time.