Rhino for disabled people

Recently, in a training, I explained the sub-object selection.
As we know we have to hold CTRL+SHIFT while clicking.

One participant had one hand only.
Not easily possible to use sub-oject selection for him…

It would be very good to have UI elements for this.
A rough idea is to have such in the status bar.

Would be helpful for 2-handed people as well.


@mikko Did you see this?

Hi @Charles,

In V6 there’s a “Sub-objects” setting in the selection filter toolbar, left click “Filter” on the status bar. When selected, normal picking works just as if Control and Shift were pressed.

I think there may also be mice with programmable extra buttons, so that you could use the hand holding the mouse also for pressing Shift and Control. That would help with view manipulation too, and adding/removing objects to/from selection.

Hello @Mikko,

Ah, that is good - I didn’t notice up to now.
It is well hidden…

Selection Filter as a panel.
Then it is easy to discover.

Perhaps this is a proper place to move the ‘secret’ CTRL/SHIFT hover over the osnap bar to as well?

Also not bad.
I don’t need to use such a mouse.
People who need them will know about their possibilities.