Rhino for Creative Coding

Wanted to share some experiments I’ve been doing using python in Rhino for creative coding. Typically done in something like processing or openFrameworks, Rhino’s robust geometry functions give it an edge. Once you figure out how to create animations from it (I stitch together saved images with moviepy), there are few limitations.

I post a new sketch each day, many more to come.


Nice work. What method are you using to export the frames from rhino?

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Would you license these animations? Say, if I want to use it as splash screen…

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for sharing. Intersting to see the development in the twitter posts.
May I suggest to also post this in the gallery section. It’s good to see some coding stuff in there as well.



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For you, $10,000.


Something like this:

rs.Command('-_viewCaptureToFile w=' + str(self.width) + ' h='+str(self.height)+' s=1 TransparentBackground=No "' + str(file_path) + '" Enter', False)
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