Rhino for Civil Engineering

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I want to design corridor from contour and terrain import from autocad file. anyone have an idea or experience please comment at here.

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can you post a screen shot from the terrain? is it a terrain made of a solid or from contour lines?



Please see my Rhino file, I imported the terrain from autocad
Thuy dien Hoi Xuan.3dm (15.2 MB)
Now I want design contour in Rhino same as autocad file in the attchment
1. MB ho mong CDM-HM-01.dwg (8.8 MB)


what units is the dwg based on?

I using mm in my drawing

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does not open correctley in rhino
for me at least


The Rhino file I was imported terrain Now need design contour same as my cad file.

projected.3dm (15.4 MB)

maybe I don’t understand you. this is what can be done with projected curve.
Did not find a way to open the cad file

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Thanks you so much

U just creation the surface of terrain. now how to make cut and fill in model.


projected2.3dm (17.0 MB)

still do not understand what you mean by cut and fill. fill with water?

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“Cut and fill” is a civil engineering term to describe the process of placing a flat ribbon surface through an undulating terrain of hills and valleys, such as for a road or railroad. Ideally a suitable height is found so that the amount of material cut from the hills just matches the amount required to fill the valleys to the desired width.

There is nothing built into Rhino to do this “form-finding” function, but someone may have developed a plugin for the purpose. Check http://www.food4rhino.com

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Use ExtrudeCrvTapered or ExtrudeSrfTapered.

Disclaimer: I work on the product I’m about to recommend. If that puts you off, skip this post.

Maybe Lands can help. There are cut and fill tools (not the best example to answer your query, but the tools are there): http://www.lands-design.com/support/video-tutorial/3-4-terrain-add-cut-and-fill/.
It is currently in Beta and free to use: http://www.lands-design.com/download/
Would be nice to get some feedback on the tools. If you have any questions, you can post them to the Lands subcategory.

Thanks AIW. Not my field but maybe you could project the ribbon onto the terrain, extrude the edges up and cap.
from there you could calculate volume (volume command) and see what is the amount needed to "Cut and fill"
If someone would like to invest some time he could probably use glapagos or octopus(optimization plug ins for grasshopper) to automate this.