Rhino files are locked

My setup is a few pc’s running Rhino 4. Until resently they were connected to a OS-X server running 10.5 server.
Now we have changed to a OS-X 10.9 server instead, and after this change, my users are starting to get errors when trying to open files created by another user.
I have check permissions on the server, and all users have read/write access to the file, and I have checked that the file in question was not in use.

The workaround is to save the file under a new name, but is this a known issue ?

Kind regards

If your file rights are limited to read/write, then that would explain it.
Rhino needs FULL rights including Create/Modify/Rename/Delete/Read/Write

Hi John
Thanks for the reply.
I actually checked that and users have full access to the files.
It’s not happening on every time the users save a file but way too often to ignore :frowning:

kind regards

Until you get the details figured out, I’d recommend you have your users keep a copy on their local drives and move a copy to the server.
Good luck