Rhino file from cadwork - Make2D won't work

Hi there,

I’ve one Rhino file (produced by a cadwork export) where the Make2D command will not produce anything:

But when I copy the volumes to a brand new Rhino file, it works correctly - so it’s not a big issue.

If someone wants to have a look though, the file is attached here: export_part.3dm (333.1 KB)

Your tolerance is really tiny - 0.000001 mm - and you are pretty far from the origin -
(92617.000,-36240.000,9490.000). This combination can cause Make2D to fail.

I reset the tolerance to something more reasonable for this size object like 0.01, and Make2D worked correctly here.

Hi Helvetosaur,

It makes sense, I didn’t think to check the tolerance value… I increased it and it works too.
Thank you!