Rhino feature "render specific viewport" doesn't work like expected


I expect a feature which allow to define a viewport and this viewport is be used for rendering independent from the current recalled named view. But the current “specific viewport” feature is rendering the right viewport only if the name is right. It would be great, if this could be fixed so that really the specific viewport is rendered always.


But if you rename a viewport so it no longer exists you can’t render it. So I guess the bug is that renaming a viewport doesn’t update the reference to it under Specific Viewport .

I logged a report: RH-64557 Viewport name change doesn’t update list under Specific View.

For now I think it is good to realize that Specific Viewport I think works with a hard-coded list. So once you remove the viewport called Perspective, say through renaming it, then it doesn’t work anymore. Since there is no longer a viewport called Perspective.

Thank you for testing, but I think you described an other issue. My problem is that I set the specific viewport to “View A” and now I need to render “View B” at the specific viewport. But if I’m in Top view than the specific viewport with current “View B” isn’t used and the Top view is rendered. “View A” isn’t renamed or removed from the named view list.
I think it’s needed that the specific viewport parameter is updated to the current set view name of the specific viewport.

Your description doesn’t make much sense to me, but let me try to explain:

Specific Viewport will show a list of viewports that are in the document, but not Named Views.

When I have a viewport called Bla, and I set it as the Specific Viewport, then make Top the active one using _Render or _RenderPreview the correct viewport is being rendered: Bla. This all works as expected.

Now, if you have Specific Viewport set to Bla, then rename the viewport to BlaBla, then make Top the active one, then _Render and _RenderPreview will render Top, unless you first ensure the Specific Viewport is set to BlaBla - the list isn’t immediately updated, but activating a different panel, then going back to Rendering panel will give you the updated list after which you should be able to set to BlaBla.

This last part is what the bug report is about.

Anyway, if you want to render what the current active viewport is then you need to set View section to Current viewport, not Specific Viewport.

My typical situation is a classic 4 viewport screen - 3 viewports for working on objects and 1 viewport for rendering views. I hoped “specific viewport” allow to link the renderer to the perspective viewport always. This is the missed workflow.

Well, if you have the Perspective view available and it is set as the Specific Viewport then even if you have another viewport active you will get Perspective view when rendering.

If, however, you change the Perspective viewport to something else, say through restoring a named viewport, the viewport no longer is called Perspective and thus rendering Specific Viewport no longer works.

I suppose that my logged bug report covers this. I’ll add an extra comment about changing viewport names through restoring of named views etc.

I’m confused. For what is the function “specific viewport” made? Is it not the same like “named view” at the moment, if it works for one selected named view only?

You’re mixing up named views and viewport names. Specific Viewport is for a viewport of a specific name.

In the same drop down as Specific Viewport there is also Named View. Use that instead if you have a view that has to be always exactly the same.


The entries are as follows:

  • Current Viewport: the viewport that is active when using _Render
  • Specific Viewport: a viewport that has a name
  • Named View: a Named View you have saved in the Named Views panel
  • Snapshot: a Snaphos you have saved in the Snapshots panel

To me it sounds you mix Named Views and viewport names (that are used for Specific Viewport)…

Since viewport name and named view are the same if a view is recalled for rendering, I don’t understand how I should still use a viewport name.

I have my four viewports and want to render view A/B/C… of the viewport at the right upper corner independent from the current selected viewport. This is like rendering projects work - same viewport and different names. How can this be done?

Use the Named View entry from the first screenshot I posted and from the second drop down choose the name you want to _Render always.

It doesn’t work - same viewport but different named views. This is the problem what I try to explain.

My clients don’t need the same named view 10 times - they need 10 different views and I use the same viewport for all the views. I would like to link the render output to this viewport. No other viewport is needed for rendering. One viewport for all renderings. Like at my screenshot - one specific viewport, the one at right upper corner.

Then you need to use Current Viewport, and ensure that upper-right viewport is active.

It’s an old request which I have seen at different render plugin forums that user like to link the render engine to a specific viewport because they often oversee that the right viewport wasn’t active. I thought this is the goal of the new Rhino render setting options. So, we have an option but it’s no enhancement, we are back to the old workflow.

Here one of this requests which let me test the Rhino feature: