Rhino extension (trail version)

First at all I want to wish y’all a Happy New Year with the hope that y’all will have many blessings in the year to come and the followings.

I’m an international student in Politecnico di Milano from Caracas, Venezuela. My situation is that I enrolled myself in course called ‘‘Design to fabrication’’ tutoring by the professor Marco Hemmerling in which one we work with Rhino, hence I had to download yours trail version of Rhino who is just available for 90 days, but this course will end at the end of February and I have just 4 more days left of free license.

Pitifully I can’t afford buy the software in this moment, hence I’m wondering if exist the possibility to have an extension of the trial version for five or seven weeks, so I’ll able to finish the course and the final project in the best situations and be able to have good qualifications.

Thank y’all so much for your time, sincerely,

Daniel Favaro.

No, sorry, there is really no way to extend the trial.


I know money is tight as a student, so this might not help all too much, but just to be sure you are aware educational licences can be had (in the United States at least) for $130 from some retailers.