Rhino export to Velux Daylight Visualizer

I’m having problems exporting a Rhino file into Velux Daylight Visualizer.

I tried with both DWG- and OBJ-file format. Both file formats can be imported in Velux Daylight Visualizer. However with the DWG-files, I can’t define surface materials correctly, and OBJ-files get imported without layers.

According to the Velux Daylight Visualizer manual, OBJ-file format is the correct export format from Rhino:

Is there anyone who had any experience regarding this?

Best, Rune

Hi Rune - There are options in OBJ export that may help on the Naming page.


I found out the solution myself.

The problem was that I had not made any ceiling in my geometry, which caused the Velux Daylight Visualizer to calculate the room as extremely light.

After closing the geometry with a ceiling, the DWG-export worked just fine.

Hi, am thinking to try out Velux to simulate for my Rhino model. May I ask if there are any thing to keep in mind ? Do I have to assign material layers first in Rhino ? Or Exporting directly will do ? Would really appreciate the help, thanks.