Rhino export to cad, hatch has no area info

I had a rhino file, and I exported it as a dwg file. But when I opened the dwg file, clicked a hatch, find no area info in PROPERTIES INTERFACE.
why? and how to change ? thank you!

Hello - are you checking area in Autocad or Rhino? In Autocad, I have no idea …



yes,I want to check in CAD…

Hi, do you have any news on this topic?
I don’t manage to see any hatch area in Autodad Properties when opening a DWG/DXF file generated by Rhino.
When creating a hatch in Autocad (with area property showing up), opening the file in Rhino and saving it to dwg again, the area property disapered back to Autocad. So it seems that Rhino “save as dwg” is not treating something link to area property.