Rhino end user licence continuously pops up and crashes applications folder

I attempted to download rhino for Mac in December last year. It was never successful as, when it came to agreeing to the end user agreement, I would click agree and then stare at a colour wheel for 5 mins until the same end user licence agreement popped up again so I’d click agree and it would just repeat this indefinitely and any of my finder folders would become unresponsive. I can’t remember how exactly but I managed to stop this pop up (probably by crashing my mac) but now, I’m trying to install another application and every time I open the application folder, this stupid agreement pops up and crashes everything. As I’d need to go into the application folder to delete any trace of rhino, I am caught in the horrible loop where a) I don’t have rhino and b) I can’t delete rhino and c) I can’t install anything else or access that folder at all.

Can you please advise on how to get rid of this once and for all. I am a MSc student with a million deadlines and have already spent a good 14 hours this week attempting to sort out various tech issues (it’s only Thursday morning!) and just really really don’t have time to faff around with this anymore so the quickest, easiest, most straightforward answer you can give me to just get rid of this for now would be appreciated


I don’t know if this helps, but you could try App Zapper to thoroughly remove any files associated to Rhino. Then do a clean install of the latest Mac WIP release.

You can find AppZapper here - it should have a few “free” zaps before you need to buy the program. http://www.appzapper.com/

The latest Mac Rhino release is here http://www.rhino3d.com/download/wenatchee/5.0/wip

If you have the chance of getting access to Rhino for Windows somehow that seems to be preferable. You are putting your faith in a Mac version that is heavily under development and if you’re faced with a million deadlines, having a more solid version of Rhino is seriously advised.

[quote=“lisa_mollins, post:1, topic:7090, full:true”], this stupid agreement pops up and crashes everything.

it sounds like you may have never actually installed rhino and were trying to run if from the .dmg …

(the .dmg is a disk image which can be likened to an electronic CD… once you open a .dmg containing an application, you then must run an installer or in rhino’s case, drag&drop the app to the applications folder)

anyway- the user agreement shows up when you mount the .dmg-- not when you launch the application

(assuming this is what you mean when you say ‘end user agreement’ ?) :point_down:

hmm… i’m sorry but this might take a lot of back&forthing to figure out what exactly you’ve done and how exactly to fix it… i really don’t know what to advise first without being able to physically look at your computer…
are you near an apple store? if so, take it to a genius there -or- have someone that knows a lot about macs have a look at it.