Rhino dxf to stylecad

Hi All, anyone know of best way to get a Rhino dxf to be read by Stylecad? Stylecad is a fabric cutting cnc software. It likes closed polylines. I have some arcs besides straight lines. Is it a matter of joining these arcs ( or partial circles ) and lines to get polylines? I also noticed in the Rhino dxf options, it has 2004 polylines. Is that possibly a good option to check when converting to dxf ?
Thanks Mcneel for this great drawing community, Mark

I don’t know that app but it sounds like you might be fine with joining what you have and then using SelClosedCrv to make sure everything you’re about to save is closed.

Something else that might be useful is the Convert command to turn any splines you have into arcs and lines for export.

Thanks Brian. I will work with those suggestions —Mark