Rhino Durability Test

How can I measure the durability of the object I draw in Rhino?

Hello - define ‘durability’… ?


That will be interesting.
Imagine all your 3d models fading away as the time goes.

how can I measure the deformation of models when they fall

Rhino cannot do that. There’s no delta_time concept. It is a 3d modeling tool, not game engine (physics engine).

There are a few plugins you can use that I know of. Both for Grasshopper (not Rhino).

Kangaroo and FlexHopper, but they are “physics engines” I don’t think they can show deformation due to collision. For that you should use FE analysis. Perhaps one other plugin Scan & Solve could be used.

I am a jeweler. I’m designing. Look at the programs you said. I give you my thanks.

There are also plugins for Grasshopper dedicated for jewelers, might also be of interest to you.