Rhino duplicate / repeated dimension

Hi there

  1. Does anyone know why rhino creates duplicate dimension and how to stop that? I thought it might be to do with alternate units, but that box is switched off.

  2. I’d like to create a dimension following the semi circle (red question mark), a bit like the angle dimension but with the text following the curve (not straight)?

  1. Is there a way to create viewports in Rhino, in similar to way AutoCad? The FloatingViewport doesn’t seem to be the right tool … In AutoCad we usually have a Layout page (eg. printable A3) with drawing border and everything, and inside that page we have 4 viewports for different views (eg. top / isometric etc). I know there’re plugins to such things, or manual way of Make2D, but is there a simple way to just create a viewport in a certain scale? (e.g. 1:10)


On which rhino version you are?

1- Can you add information? Never happened to me…
2- There are no “curved text” objects.
You can either explode your text, convert to a hatch, and bend it around a curve.
Or procedurally (GH?) create texts objects (one text object for each character) around an arc…
Both cases you can’t directly edit the text…
3- Rhino have layouts.
2021-03-05 01_35_50-Window
You’ll see views as rectangles, double click to “enter” and double click to “exit” them.
If you select one, on properties tab you can set its scale.
Should work pretty much as you expect.

Note, you can add geometries and annotations (dimensions, texts) while “inside” the layout and also while you are “outside” the layout.
When you are inside, you are actually editing the global file, as in any other viewport, and in the same way you can edit/select the view type (the red car buttons).
When outside, you are putting your geometry/annotation only in the “page”. The page is 2D.
Annotations “snap” from page on layout objects can be tricky, but if used correctly is good.

Do some tests before proceeding.

It looks like you may have tolerances turned on and set to Limits for the dimensions, probably in the dimstyle. It’s also possible to do that as overrides, but less likely to get 2 the same unintentionally.

Hi @lowell & @maje90 , thank you both so much for your response, that’s so helpful! The ‘layout’ command is exactly what I was looking for - is there a way to know in which scale it shows the geometry (e.g. 1:5 , 1:10 etc)?

As for the duplicated dims, changing Tolerance to ‘no tolerance’ fixed it beautifully!

Thank you one more time