Rhino.DotNet plugin error message

After the update was done yesterday, when Rhino 6 starts I get the message that the dotnet plugin did not execute. I told it to ignore now and in the future so I can continue working.
Is there an issue? I’m not familiar with a dotnet plugin. Thanks.

Hello - what is the exact message?


As I mentioned, I dismissed the message the fourth time by checking the box that said don’t bother any more with this plugin. So I don’t have that information. I thought you there at McNeal would know what I meant and what the plugin problem would be. Sorry.


Hi Michael - it’s just that it is probably pointing at one particular plug-in and it would be good to know which one… there are so many and many are dotNet…


Hi Pascal,
I’m getting these too but on exit occasionally please see my thread. I attached the dot net crashes there.