Rhino_DotNET.pdb not loaded error

Can someone help me with this error?

Whats funny, is that if I run my project at work, debugging works perfect. At home, all I get is this error

As you can imagine… after a couple thousand lines of code… debugging becomes a nightmare.


No one has ran into this before??

Are your symbol settings different between home and work?

I haven’t heard of people getting this dialog for RhinoDotNet before

Well… It dosnt help that i’ve never even messed with symbol settings. In fact, I just learned what that was when I got this error lol.

I am just going to reinstall VS… It starts so slow now too. I installed some questionable extensions in the past and now I think it messed it up.

Thanks steve!

Didn’t work :frowning:

To get this right…

Rhinocommon uses RhinoDotNet?


I got it. I just reset ALL settings to GENERAL DEFUALT