Rhino doesn't start after compiling in VS2019


any reason why rhino dont start after compiling in vs2019…everything worked the last time no error message.

Hi @flokart,

What does this mean? Any additional details might be helpful.

– Dale

Hi Dale,
In VS if you hit the play button to compile rhino.exe starts, but not in my case.
I use the rhino6 template.

Make sure Rhino.exe is the Debug start action.

– Dale

These settings are set…it worked before and vs run but no rhino start…odd.

Are you build a Debug build or a Release build? The active configuration matters…

– Dale


And this?


– Dale

Also debug but if i change it to releas i get a error messeage.


Start without debug …Rhino starts and ask for verification. After a verification rhino starts normal again…thanks Dale for help.

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