Rhino Display settings are not changing after saving

Hey everyone! I’m trying to do simple shadow studies but it seems my rhino is not saving the views at all. Usually for my shadow studies, I set it to shaded view with shadows on (to the max) and screenshot from there. But for some reason, Rhino 7 is not letting me save any of the changes I am making on the shadows panel, even though those changes do show on the preview before I saved. I haven’t changed my rhino setting so I don’t know why this is happening. Picture 1 is me before saving on this example document, and picture 2 is me after saving (nothing happened).

Hi John - if you OK the changes, and then go back to the same page in Options, are the settings reverted? I assume yes, which seems like a prolem in saving the settings file. Is more than one instance of Rhino running?