Rhino display not showing anything


I’ve noticed that my Rhino display has completely stopped showing anything drawn in either Rhino or Grasshopper. If I open existing .gh files, nothing shows up. The same happens if I try to draw anything directly in Rhino. The only time the display updates and shows my changes, is if I try to close the application. I’ve looked at previous similar posts but nothing seems to work (I’m working in Wireframe mode and my drivers are up to date). I tried checking “Do not use OpenGL to draw feedback items” but that just shifted the problem elsewere (the display only updates if I click on something on the toolbar).

I recently had a problem with my toolbar and I had to retrieve a backup-file and duplicate/rename it for the toolbar to work again; I don’t know if this might have somehow affected the display?

Hi - have you tried resetting your plist? If you have customizations that you would like to keep, make sure to export a copy first. See more information about this at Rhino for Mac - Preferences [McNeel Wiki].

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “reset plist”?

Hi -

In that case you’d really want to read the page that I referred to.

Oh, right, I hadn’t seen that. I’ve just tried and I got the error message: ‘defaults’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Hi -

Which command did you try to run?

I tried running defaults delete com.mcneel.rhinoceros

Please send a screenshot of the Terminal application before and after typing the command string.

Also, what macOS version are you running?


I’ve attached two screenshots, before typing anything and after typing the command:

terminal_after.pdf (89.2 KB) terminal_before.pdf (70.5 KB)

And I’m running 10.12.6 (Sierra)

That is Windows, not macOS.
Are you running Rhino V5 for Windows on a Bootcamp partition?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that. Yes I’m running Windows through VMware Fusion.

VMWare Fusion is not a supported Windows setup.

See if there is an updated version of Fusion.
Your symptoms sounds like bad display drivers.
Older versions of Fusion did not support Rhino’s bare minimum OpenGL requirements.
The newer versions are supposed to but I don’t know for sure.

To run Rhino for Windows, you really need a Windows computer.

Do you think the problems would be solved if I used Bootcamp instead to make a partition? I’m not the most tech savvy but as far as I understand, making a partition would allocate more “resources” to the Windows part, right?

Maybe. I used Bootcamp some years ago and found it be be a bit of a mess.
I would never recommend it to anyone that isn’t a bit of a computer geek.

Buy a decent Windows computer that meets or exceeds the Rhino for Windows System Requirements:

Alright, thanks for the help.