Rhino disconnect WIFI

I am using a trial V6 rhino (for windows) on my PC and I always find whenever I open files in Rhino my wifi is immediately disabled and only after close down that window could I my wifi enabled again. I tested several times and every time it is the same.

What I mean by ‘disabled’ is that on bottom bar the wifi sign is shown connected but cannot open/refresh any webpage and Chrome says the internet is out of reach. Once I close all Rhino windows the webpages immediately could refresh/open well. I ran a windows troubleshoot and it says Windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings and the problem cannot be fixed because the default gateway is not available.

Files that brings these kind of problem have sizes ranging from several KB to tens of MB and honestly not that large to make a crash. I also have been working on other win 10 PC/desktops for years with far more larger files but never experienced this kind of wifi disconnection. I am thinking if it is a bug on compatibility.

I am using the Version 6 SR19
(6.19.19295.1001, 10/22/2019) , a trial version, running on a Core cpu and Nvidia gpu, Windows 10 pro

@brian - do you have an idea?


@ziiyii.yuan that’s very strange. I see that you have your Rhino license in your Rhino account. While I’ve never heard of this happening before, I wonder if the connection between Rhino and our license server is causing problems.

To test this out, please remove your license from your account, and install it as a single-computer license using these instructions:


@brian Hi Brian, Thank you for your reply. I try to follow the instruction in the link and something strange happens: when I go to the rhino account it shows that neither any product nor any validation can be found with my account.

(the screenshot shows the webpage and sorry I could not change the language setting to english but it means no validation to use)

And this reminds me of a thing happened when I installed the software, at that time though the pc was connected to internet successfully, rhino/zoo still cannot connect to the server so I validated my license offline, manually got the code to validate.

I think the issue may have sth to do with the zoo server. But I could still use all the function well (include saving) for rhino after that validation, only except for internet connection.