Rhino different sun position and time per layout

is it possible to have different sun position/time in different rhino layouts in the same file? thank you

Hi @daveed-kapoor,
Yes you can but you have to use a directional light. Don’t know exactly how it would work in layouts, you might have to make a few custom display modes with different directional lights that simulate the sun lighting you want and then use the custom display/mode in a detail.
Lights | Rhino 3-D modeling

Render Tools Render

Create Directional Light

The DirectionalLight command inserts a light that simulates the sun defined with parallel rays and a direction.

Hi -
In addition to what Roland wrote, different layouts / details don’t have a way to link to a specific light.
You could make two directional lights and save two different states with the Snapshot command but a specific named snapshot won’t be linked to a specific detail. You will have to manually recall a specific snapshot.