Rhino design for 3D machining

We have been confronted with this issue in the past, where our machinists are unable to properly import a Rhino file for machining that we prepare from a 2D drawing. Most of the time they are able to use our models, but sometimes, as in this case, they were not. Our machine shop uses Fusion 360 for programming as well as 3D design.

See attached. I’m not asking anyone to model this for me, but if I could get some input as to how to go about starting this in Rhino so that the output will be as “clean” as possible. When we modeled this in Rhino, we swept the 2D shape. Though, when the machinists modeled it in Fusion 360, they used a loft command from top to bottom.

Offset Funnel.3dm (11.2 MB)

Custom Offset Funnel.pdf (986.9 KB)

What exactly is the problem? That funnel part can be exported as a STEP from Rhino and imported into Fusion360 without any issues.

If you’re extracting curves with Make2d you’ll end up with a lot of control points.

I think I would revolve a clean cross section without fillets and use direct editing (Gumball) to move the bottom end of the funnel. Then fillet the edges.

The problems can’t be seen until tool pasts are assigned.

Martinsiegrist, this works well. And it is a lot easier then the way we tried to accomplish modeling this. We have to test the tool paths to confirm, but it looks like a much “cleaner” transition.


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