Rhino deleted my solids, but why is the file so big?

I used the option “Export Selected” to save some parts of my model in STL format, after that Rhino apparently had some weird bug where most of my geometry dissapeared in all my files (even complete layers) and even in files that were not opened, but for some reason my files are as big still as they were when they had all my geometries, even though now all it looks to have are simple geometries. So i am thinking that is hiding something?, i already tried with the unlock and show commands and all the different kinds of zoom.

Can you upload an example file? You can se the vertical arrow above where you type your post, or drag the file to where you type your post.

The files are 250mb and for some reason they dont manage to be uploaded more than 2%

Hello - - I am not at all clear on what you are describing - can you please, as best you can remember, describe exactly what happened? What commands used etc. Please also run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and post the results here.