Rhino Dark Update power tools


i spend way to much time on this :slight_smile: thought i would post another update, my main aim with this is to find the most powerful tools and put them where they are most accessable, i am in the process of creating a more laymans oriented tool tip, not, I might add, a dumbing down.

i thought i would place the three point edge and face tools that i think are power tools at the top permanently

this one has these three tools as the main suite but the side bar contains other tools specific to toolset being used.

same with the edge select tools

and the same with the point edit toolset
i also think the ability to access information from the internet while in rhino is vastly underexploited, so i added a www button which after resizing the browsing window allows me to not only access the internet but also because the notes tab is in the same window, i can copy and paste text from the browser to the notepad

or i can go to google


Looks interesting but I can’t see anything clearly in the images you posted, is this a discourse problem or did you scale your images down? If I click on your images they show up almost the same size they are in the thread. Do I have to download these to actually see them correct size? If so discourse needs to update it’s code so we can view images correct size when we click on them without having to download them. I can’t judge what you are doing from these images but it looks kind of nice just interested to see it in the correct size.


hi 3dsynergy
not sure, i captured the images with windows snipping tool, they look ok on my tv, 32" so im not sure if the issue lies with snipping tool quality or discourse. and thank you

(Wim Dekeyser) #4

Hi Roland,
In Chrome, you can RMB click on an image and pick Open image in new tab. In the new tab, you can click on the picture to enlarge it. This doesn’t seem to be possible in IE - there you appear to have to download the image to disk. I’m not particularly fond of how Discourse now lets you ‘slide’ from image to image in a post instead of being able to see the picture in the original size in the same tab. @sam?


Looks great


thank you dude


Hi Wim,
Thanks for the tip, it’s the same in ie 11 I found thanks to your tip, I was able to open in a new tab and then the magnifier kicked on.
I still liked it better when discourse would do this but I guess this is the new behavior.


Hi Mike,
I finally got to look at it. Pretty nice, I’m maybe too old for these dark themes because the contrast is low and makes it hard for me, I have this dark theme in sonar and I changed to their older one which is lighter, but in ableton they have a dark theme but the contrasts are higher and I really like that ui, it’s I think the best clearest example of a dark theme I’ve seen, one can read it easily and it has a soothing effect on the eyes, maybe yours is too sometimes screen shots are hard to decipher.
Only one thing I can see for me the command line might be not long enough for some commands?
Looks good and thanks for sharing,


hi RM
i hear ya on the eyesight thing, my eyes are really bad as well, once ive got the toolbars as i want them, i’ll be recolouring it for a lighter theme, i do have the advantage of using a 32" tv for my display so it doesnt look too bad, thank you though for the compliment, regarding the command line length, thats going to be lengthened.


i was messing around with a light theme after reading your comments, just one question, can you read the text on this example?


Hi Mike,
Looking good.
The text for me seems a bit low contrast but it’s looking good. I’ve attached an ableton screen shot since your in the same key as they are:


hi RM
funnily enough i went and had a look at the Ableton screen shots after you mentioned their dark theme, interesting finding out that the reason the interface looks so good is dependent on the colours, not so much in the screen you posted but on this one

i found that to get an effect like this where the font looks like its part of the background has a specific range that works, the font would have to be changed in rhino to get something close to looking like Ableton, and it would be so worth it, is it even possible to change the font in rhino?


Hi Mike,
I don’t know about Rhino’s fonts but I agree I noticed too how nice ableton’s font is no aliasing effects at all and it’s so nice and easy to read. Hopefully someone from McNeel will have the answer sorry I can’t be of more help. Also McNeel should include your dark theme and others in the release as an alternate workspace but I don’t know they seem to never work on gui things outside of the vanilla windows look. I like Grasshoppers look as well I vote that second in ease on the eye until one has tons of wires on the canvas then good god looks like a mad scientist was working in there.