Rhino custom toolbar ain't working anymore

Hi, I would like to know why does my Rhino 5 randomly decide to change setting without my approval. Every once in a while, I open Rhino and my toolbar are all changed or just gone. Now I am trying to open a saved custom toolbar and it doesn’t work. I get an error message written in french even if I installed the program in english. Something about a root missing. I did not move anything.

@JohnM - do you have an idea about that error message?


I tried two different custom toolbar:

Error reading file: “C:\Rhino Tools\Interfaces\custom 01 - RH 5.rui”
‘.’, valeur hexadécimale 0x00, est un caractère non valide. Ligne 125143, position 21.
Error reading file: “C:\Rhino Tools\Interfaces\custom 02.rui”
Élément racine manquant.

I can try to translate:
The first one says that the value of (I have no idea what would be the english of Hexadecimale) 0x00, is a invalid character. Line 125143, postion 21.

The second one says: Root element is missing.

I have no help with your problem, but the English for Hexadecimale is Hexadecimal. Using the term in this case is somewhat redundant because the “0x” part of the number actually means the following two characters should be interpreted as hexadecimal digits - ie: 0-9, A-F. Just a bit of trivia.

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I was able to fix the problem by deleting the toolbar.rui that did not work anymore, and replacing it by a copy of that same toolbar.rui I had saved on a USB. It is like if the Rhino3D program destroyed my toolbar.rui file x) luckily I had a backup.