Rhino custom skin required to be updated

I have just tried to compile the Rhino Skin example I found here:

Everything goes well but I cannot understand why, when I run Rhino, a display message says:
“Your Rhino 5 plug-ins may have updates available to run in Rhino 6”.

It is due to the custom skin because if i disable it, the message doesn’t appear.

I tried to create another personal custom skin but the problem persists. I looked for something in the code reporting the wrong version but I found nothing:

I compiled the code using Visual Studio 2017, used the Rhino c++ sdk 6,19,19295,1001 and used the skin on Rhino 6 SR26 (6.26.20147.6511, 26/05/2020).

Do you have any ideas about what can produce this issue?
Many thanks!

Hi @margari,

The message has nothing to do with your custom Skin DLL. But it has everything to do with starting Rino the first time using a scheme, other than Default.

The first time you run Rhino with a new scheme, and you have Rhino 5 installed, and Rhino 5 is using 3rd party plug-ins, then it is possible to see this message. You should see it only once.

Hope this helps.

– Dale

Thank you very much for the prompt reply!