Rhino curves turn jagged when exported to other applications?


I am experience a problem when exporting curves made in Rhino (6) to other application. Specifically I am creating guide curves for CNC milling and the technician reports that when he opens my files in his software (see image) the curves appear jagged (when zooming far in).
I have been able to see this for myself by exporting to SolidWorks, where the problem is the same. Tried Step, IGES, SAT, DXF, DWG.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated?


Hi Jacob - can you send us a Rhino file with one of these curves? Are they very far from the world origin?


hi Jacob,

Could it be your geometry is far from the world origin?
Can you export it again after moving it close to world 0,0,0

The reason is that large numbers can experience these type of errors due to rounding.
Also are your tolerance settings fitting for the units you work in?

Like Pascal wrote, a file to lok at could help


Hi Again

Thanks Willem. I think that was the problem. They where 32000 mm or so from the origin, didn’t realize that this was enough to cause trouble.