Rhino curves to Unreal Engine Splines. Curve handles?


I’m looking for ways of exporting rhino curves to Unreal Engine. So far, the only way I found was exporting them as DXF into Blender and using the Blender Curves Importer plugin for unreal. However, this process is far from ideal and sometimes the DXF curves imported to blender are joined as a single object and need to be separated.

The Blender Curves Importer comes with a Blender Exporter which creates a .bcv file.

The curves in the bcv file are defined in the following format:
“CurveName” ; CurveID ; {Curve Edit point X,Y,Z} ; {Curve Left Handle X,Y,Z} ; {Curve Right Handle X,Y,Z} \endLine

It should be fairly easy scripting an exporter in grasshopper or python, but i’m struggling with finding the curve handle locations because rhino doesn’t define curves in this way.

Is there a way to get these handle locations in rhino/grasshopper so the curves could be exported directly from Rhino or Grasshopper?

Here are example .dxf and .bcv files of these curves after they were separated into individual curves in blender. The .bcv file can be opened in notepad.

Blender_Curves.zip (12.2 KB)

For the DXF export i found these settings work the best:

This is how the curves exported from blender look in Unreal. The curves which are supposed to be closed need an additional step by checking the box “Closed Loop”.

The blender DXF importer puts all curves in a layer into a single group.
As a workaround solution I used the Wombad GH plugin to export a DXF with each curve on a separate layer.