Rhino curve offset bug (with API C# and Rhino user interface)?


I’m doing by code a curve offset using API method (C#):
offset_crvs = crv.Offset( intPt, Vector3d.ZAxis, offset, RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.ModelAbsoluteTolerance, CurveOffsetCornerStyle.Sharp );

So, when I use a specific location of intPt (interior point of curve) offset is valid, but, when I use another intPt (using an automatic method to find the point) the offset curve is wrong.

I’ve replicated the problem directly with Rhino user interface, with _Offset command (Distance=2, Corner=Sharpness, Tolerance=0.001) and problem seems equal than API code version (see image below):

Using the reference point to do the offset (see image below):

Attached is the reference file with problematic curve.

It is not a imported curve from other CAD software…the curve was done directly in Rhino.

Rhino version: Rhino 5 SR11

Thanks in advance.test_API_offset_2.3dm (22.7 KB)

I’ve moved this topic to 'Rhino for Windows" as the user is dealing with a problem with the Offset command.

This is typical with Offset… Even the normal Rhino command can fail if you click in the “wrong” place. You can also have multiple results in offsetting some curves, and Offset will only create one of the parts. It’s just a bit unreliable…

I don’t have any 100% solutions either… --Mitch

Hi Miguel,

I’ve reported this as a bug.


– D