RHINO crashing after trying to login on windows 10

Every time I open up Rhino 6.4 it says I need to log in and ask me if I would like to log in now if I click yes rhino crashes if I click no rhino closes cause I am not logged in. does any one have a way to fix this please contact me at calebvonschirmer@gmail.com. thank you.

Hi Caleb,

This is usually a problem with a faulty installation of LavaSoft software causing Rhino to crash. If you have any software made by LavaSoft such as LavaSoft TCP, Ad-Aware, Web Companion, etc… please uninstall it from your computer. You may have this software installed even if you didn’t explicitly do so.


Thanks For the help there was some LavaSoft software on my computer and now I have deleted it. Thanks for your time.