Rhino crashes when trying to save a file sent by other user


I’m currently trying to open a file sent by another rhino user. I can open the file (which is pretty heavy, 381 371 Ko) and work in it, but whenever I try to save it, the app crashes (the screen becomes white and I have no choice but to close without saving).

How could I fix this? I tried copy pasting some elements in a new file to make it lighter, but it doesn’t change anything…

Thank you

Uploading: Massing Models 3 Options.3dm…

Hello - are you saving to a local disk? Does SaveAs work? Please zip and upload the file to


with a link back to this thread, please, in your comments. We’ll take a look.


Thank you, I uploaded the zip file with the link to this thread. I am saving on my external disk (seagate) because my computer disk only has 200 Go. I was trying to SaveAs, because that’s what it does automatically when I open a file that isn’t mine.

Hello - I’ll take a look but as a test, I’d try saving to the desktop.