Rhino crashes when starting by opening a file

Good to hear.

Believe me.

Believe me.

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The crashing on startup (by double-clicking on a file) is actually happening again.

No work files were harmed, though.

Not sure when it began, but it´s not new with the latest regular version (5D197).

The beta (5E78w) seems to work, regarding this error.

bug report sent through Rhino bug report (just now - 2017-05-03 / 17:33).

Rhino again crashes on every opening by 3dm file. :neutral_face:

… works when opeing rhino from the dock. :thinking:

RhinoWIP or Rhino 5.3.2?

Rhino 5.3.2

I’m not able to reproduce this. Given that the fixes that have been made in the thread above have not made their way into 5.4 (yet), I can imagine that you might be seeing what you saw before. What happens in the current RhinoWIP?

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Didn´t know that:

In the current 5.4 WIP (5E199w) no error occurs.


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