Rhino Crashes on MultiCore Citrix VM


I am implementing Rhino in a Citrix GPU environment on Windows 2008 R2 SP1 with 4 VCPU cores assigned.

When selecting an object I am applying a render colour and then a transparency effect, once a transparency pattern such as 3D Checker Texture is selected, the properties window for the transparency appears briefly and then Rhino crashes out completely. This problem occurs if running Rhino directly on the server or from a published shortcut.

I can resolve the issue by forcing processor affinity on the Rhino process in task manager to restrict it to 1 CPU core, any core is suitable and the above issue no longer occurs.

My question really is a general query to find out if anyone else has experienced this issue? Does anyone know if there are any permanent work arounds or patches available to address this issue without resorting to restricting how many cores are available to Rhino?

Any suggestions, tips, or otherwise would be much appreciated.


Windows AppCrash Details:
App Name: Rhino.exe
App Ver: 5.6.31009.15315
Fault Module: Opennurbsx64.dll
Fault Module Ver: 5.6.31009.15315
Exception Code: c000041d
Exception Offset: 00000000002f3566

Hi Lance,

Rhino is not a multi-threaded application. Most rendering plug-ins, however, are multi-threaded.

Running Rhino on any virtual machine (such as VMWare Fusion, Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox, etc.) is not supported by McNeel. It will result in poor graphics quality and slower overall performance compared to running on the same hardware under native Windows.