Rhino crashes like crazy! wait...are my monitors plugged in correctly?

We have seen a CRAZY amount of tech load recently related to, believe it or not, monitors that are not plugged into the video card, but are plugged into the intel video ports on the motherboard.

This is not intended to skills shame anyone, but it’s been shocking to us how many times this has happened recently-

for instance below is a shot of a typical workstation

the graphics card is located in the lower horizontal slots and will likely have several hdmi, or mini hdmi ports. USE THESE, even if you have to buy new cables or adapters for your monitors. (it is ok to have dvi and hdmi used on the same card, just make sure they are all in the card not the intel)

the ports in the upper left are the intel motherboard ports and are NOT TO BE USED AT ALL.

there are some fringe cases where you can run one monitor in the discrete card, and one in the intel, but you have to have the discrete card monitor set up as the primary. If you need this for some reason, ping us at tech and we can walk you through it.

Help us help you, and double check your set up!

The morrrre you know >rainbow hands<