Rhino crashes after Mac wakes up from sleep and when window gets resized



The latest version of Rhino 8 WIP (8.0.23087.12306, 2023-03-28) unfortunately seems rather unstable on macOS (Apple Silicon).

It often times crashes when I simply drag the outer view border (top) to grow or shrink its program window. Sometimes it crashes hard, other times it simply freezes into an unresponsive state.

Unfortunately, the screen capture doesn’t record the beach ball of death, but it happens right after I drag the top border.

Another maybe related bug happens when the Mac wakes from sleep mode, while Rhino is still running. Rhino gets unresponsive.
Now, this might be related to the window resizing bug mentioned above, since there currently is a macOS bug that rearranges, resizes, and moves all open application windows to the bottom of the screen, when waking from sleep. This is a widely reported bug with macOS and external monitors (Thunderbolt).
Anyway, since macOS resizes the application window of Rhino, while in sleep, or before, or after, it might also trigger the afore mentioned Rhino bug.

Are you using a Thunderbolt /external monitor? Trying to replicate this on my M1 Monterey (no external monitor) with no success.

Yes, the old Apple one.

thanks @diff-arch for reporting this. This is now logged as MR-3355 Crash when resizing window

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