Rhino Crash with FilePdf.AddPage

Hi All,
I have a script that we have been using successfully for a while now outputting a series of drawings. I am finding however that with the latest batch of models that I am running the script on we are getting some issues that I am currently trying to debug.

The main issue is that in many cases Rhino is actually just crashing on us.
I’ve narrowed it down to the line in the code where it is crashing, and it seems to be when we are trying to add a second page to an instance of a FilePdf class using the AddPage(ViewCaptureSettings) method.

This is causing the entire script to crash.

I am finding that I can still run this script in Rhino 6 SR33 with no crash.
Has something been updated in this class that may be causing this crash?

If not in the FilePdf class, perhaps maybe the problem may lie in Rhino.Display.ViewCaptureSettings ?

Any help will be appreciated. As its actually crashing out Rhino, I feel a bit helpless as to how to fix this!


Hi @JoshD,

Can you provide me a simple script that will reliably crash Rhino?

– Dale

Hi Dale, I think the easiest thing for me to do would to just send you the script and a chopped down version of the model I am using. I cant share this publicly though. Can I share this with you privately somehow?


If you click on Daves image you get a popup with among other items a message button.
That will open a new Private Message window.


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