Rhino Coordinate Systems, Mindmap

I made a mindmap of rhino’s basic coordinate input. I’ll probably be putting together everything I can in regards to right hand z up, and imports, render coordinates. But for now, it might help someone out, or come in handy when you haven’t used one them in a while, or just haven’t looked it like this before. Of course, subject to correction. The rotation is my own terms I think, so…

UV coordinates?

It was on my list to keep learning and experimenting with em. Thanks for the reminder, to learn u, v coordinates better. Where I was at just wasnt working learning rhino. I realized that I need to study every command, option, etc… to not be frustrated. Running into probems doing things, getting decently far for not really knowing anything, but forgeting things.

I felt that they serve better on a different mindmap. Sense they’re not what I would think of as normal coordinates.
I had print in mind. With my program (VUE), I can make them as big as I want. Printing on a budget, and laying out giant mindmaps is a problem when laminate is $7 a square foot, printing large 2x3’ maps is $6 a square foot, and I’ll probably have a few mistakes! anywho, 11x17’s are 50 cents at the library.

The goal is massive categories such as Viewing, All. Selecting, All etc…Tying in everything related to viewing. That’s gonna include a lot of things, from viewports, named views, buttons for named views, object properties, layer properties, the works.

Then it will be pretty nice. View, Select, Curves, etc…

So different maps call for different design features. This map can be just a offshoot of the larger picture.

Would large maps be okay on these threads, and what about tiff’s so that people can resize them?

That’s pretty much the reason I made them jpegs, and to fit into 8.5 x 11’s.

I was trying to figure out how to change the header of the particular types of coordinates in the map above.

Anyone have any ideas as to what the main head Category of said coordinate systems would be?