Rhino Coordinate System

Hi All,

I had this issue where when i import a dgn file into Rhino, it’s in the user coordinate system. However, if i bring in the file into Autocadd or Microstation, the file is fitted perfectly in the global coordinate system. Please help ASAP.

Sorry, there’s no way to help without a sample file.
Can you send an example file please?
It’s been a several years since anyone asked about DGN Microstation files as far as I know.

do u have a email that we can communicate from?

The Help pull down menu in Rhino has a link for technical support.
If the file is a reasonable size, you can attach it to a message to tech@mcneel.com
Please include this URL so we know why you sent it:
Rhino Coordinate System

If the file is too big, there’s a tool for uploading the file to technical support.
Besure to describe the problem so we can duplicate it here.