Rhino Compute - Mesh edges

I’ve been looking through the rhino.compute documentation and there doesn’t appear to be any methods exposed for extracting the edges of a mesh (as a list of curves). I know you can get naked edges, and non manifold edges, but not edges with a valence of two. Is there any way to expose this as part of the geometry server?

You should be able to get this using the rhino3dm toolkit without going to compute. I see that I added this to the .NET version of the toolkit, but not to the javascript or python versions.

Which rhino3dm library are you using? I’ll see what I can do to get more functions added to the Mesh.Edges class.

Hi Steve,
I’m sorry for only just now getting back to this thread. I’m using the javascript source for rhino3dm from https://mcneel.github.io/rhino3dm/javascript/samples/resources/rhino3dm.js.