Rhino.Compute JToken object returns null

I’m working with Rhino.Compute (tried both 8081 and 6500 port) locally, and it’d been working fine till I get this error. I got null value from jsonElement[“archive3dm”]. However, when I check the JToken it is not a null object rather all the fields have data it requires. The only odd thing I discovered is that the JToken has an extra curly bracket surrounds the data that I really need, I’m not sure if this is the reason. Please take a look at the screenshot I have attached. This error comes from the method ToObjectHelper in the GeometryEndPoint.cs from Compute.Geometry csproj.
Is this a known bug in Rhino.compute?

And this is the double curly brackets from the JToken object.

Any help is really appreciated, thanks!

hmm, I think I might find some clues. I was making GetLength of a curve, and the ones that went wrong were the BrepEdge. For some reason, BrepEdge object doesn’t get serialized the same as other Curves. I’ll dig a bit deeper see if I can find any more clues.