Rhino.Compute and RhinoCommon to import maniplate DGN in headless document

I am back after few months and I am still struggling to manipulate imported files
The idea is:

  • Install Rhino and Rhino.Compute on a server machine
  • Build a set of API to expose some functionalities to the enduser
  • Provide a function that can get a path to a file (DGN in this scenario), load the file into a document (headless) and do something with it (some of this something will include RhinoCompute tasks)

I have install the latest Rhino WIP Build, setup a local server for compute and it all works fine.
Now I have started some prototype using a console app but it looks like I am missing something.

I am using the same build release of RhinoWIP and the RhinoCommon nuget package.
Any Idea?

Hi Cesare,

Check if this sample project helps with loading rhinocommon etc,